Programmable 2023

2023 Conference Replays

Michelle Mannering
DevRel 🥑 | Hackathon Queen®™ | Founder | Esports Queen

AI and the future of work: how to build resilience and ensure you still have a job!

Lars Klint
Senior Developer Advocate @ Pluralsight

Choose your own cloud adventure – knights, fairies, and dragons

Phil Nash
Developer Evangelist @ Sonar

The state of passwordless auth on the web

Anna Fiofilova
Engineering Manager @ Cash App

Into the rabbit hole of functional programming

Melissa Houghton
Lead Software Engineer and DevRel @ Azenix

Azure Static Web Apps with Blazor and .NET

Evan Bottcher
Head of Architecture @ MYOB

Strong and Weak Forces - Domain Driven Architecture at MYOB

J. Rosenbaum
Computational and Contemporary Figurative Artist

Roll for Initiative: how to make the world of AI a more ethical place

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