Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Last updated: September 1, 2023

The attendance fee for Programmable is paid in relation to activities, events and schedules detailed on www.programmable.tech

All tickets are subject to Australian GST at 10% of the ticket price, and is charged to all attendees, including participants travelling from abroad. During the completion of their registration participants will be required to provide a means of payment. Payment for tickets can be completed online during the registration process, using a valid credit card. In all instances a Tax invoice will be generated.

All tickets can be cancelled with a full refund at any-time before 5pm (AEDT) Friday March 1, 2024. If the event is postponed then the ticket will remain valid and be reissued for the rescheduled event.

The organiser has the right to make amendments to the program of activities and schedule for organisational and other reasons. In circumstances where a ‘Force Majeure Event’ has occurred, including but not limited to pandemic, epidemic, industrial dispute, governmental regulations or action, military action, fire, flood, disaster, civil riot, acts of terrorism or war, the organiser will, to the best of it’s ability, postpone the conference and attempt to reschedule to a later date. If the organiser is unable to reschedule the conference to a later date and is therefore forced to cancel it, the organiser may terminate this agreement, without liability, upon written notification. Should the conference be delayed, postponed or rescheduled registrations will remain valid. In the unlikely scenario of Programmable being cancelled for any reason other than a ‘Force Majeure Event‘, ticket fees will be returned. No other claims against the organiser are valid.

All attendees, by completing a ticket purchase or having a ticket purchased by a third party on their behalf, agree that they will help to encourage a safe and respectful atmosphere at Programmable and be bound by the Programmable Code of Conduct. Participants must refrain from engaging in illegal activities of any kind, and understand that they are solely responsible for their actions during Programmable.

As per our Privacy Policy, Participant data is collected by the organiser when the participant, or authorised agent of a company purchasing the ticket on behalf of the participant, completes the purchase of a ticket for Programmable.

Participants will be provided a badge when they enter the Programmable conference. This badge acts as their means of entry into the venue and session rooms. For security reasons participants must retain the badge at all times during their visit to the conference, and may be requested by onsite staff to show this badge. Failure to present a valid badge may result in ejection from the venue. The badge will contain the participants name, company name, and a QR code. The QR Code contains a unique user identification number, name, company and email address. The participant agrees that by allowing any of the Programmable sponsors to scan the QR Code on their badge, their details can be shared with that specific sponsor, and the participant is opting in to receiving further communication from that sponsor. Attendees will be able to allow other attendees to scan their badge should they choose, with the scanning attendee then being able to see the information contained in the QR code. We recommend that you do not share photos of your badge publicly.

Participants further understand that photos and movies may be taken during Programmable which may include them. These photos and videos may be used on the Programmable website and other related websites, social media, streaming websites and related publications. Participants agree that their image and voice may be included on such videos, movies and recordings.

Speaker Referral Program Terms & Conditions
Last updated: September 1, 2023

1. A speaker can only be referred once and the speaker will nominate their referee when submitting their session on the Programmable CFS.
2. A free ticket will be issued if the speakers' submission is accepted for the event and when the final agenda for Programmable is released.
3. The free ticket will be usable at either the Melbourne OR Sydney event but not both.
4. The promotion is only open to Australian residents.
5. The promotion ends when the CFS closes on November 30, 2023.
6. We retain the absolute right to refuse to issue or cancel a free ticket without notice to you. The reasons for us to refuse or cancel a free ticket may include, but are not limited to, if:
- we believe you have breached any of our terms
- or we believe you are acting in bad faith
7. We also retain the absolute right to stop the offer at any time and to change the conditions or incentive of the offer.