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Melbourne - March 19, 2024
Sydney - March 21, 2024

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Melbourne - March 19, 2024

Sydney - March 21, 2024

Australia’s software engineering community is amazing

Programmable is the Australian software engineering conference.

The event celebrates fantastic developer content coupled with a focus on human connection; bringing people together to create serendipitous interactions.

...and that’s just the beginning, there’s so much more to enjoy!

2024 Highlights

Programmable 2024

Engineering Platforms Evolved
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Key insights drawn from various teams who have delivered engineering platforms in diverse organisations and industries around the world.

Programmable 2024

Who tests their cloud code anyway?
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Some of the many options you have in Azure for testing every part of your development life cycle.

Programmable 2024

Over The Wall or "do we still need QA's"?
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Different approaches to testing code and definitions of quality software and shares funny stories from the trenches.

More Sessions


DATA, Intelligence and the developer

Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI

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Auth, monitoring, logging, detecting, hacking and everything security related

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Programming Languages
and Tools

Front end, back end, mobile, embedded, Devices, IoT, Web3, NFT and Blockchain; the lot!

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Digital Product
Deep Dive

Architecture, war stories and anything worth sharing.

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Cloud First

Containers, infrastructure and beyond: Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Cloud, PaaS

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The Programmable team have really worked hard on diversity and inclusivity and it shines through. If you missed out this year, put it on your list for 2024.
Evan Bottcher
Head Of Architecture at MYOB
Congrats to the organisers for running such a well planned, informative and fun event...
Alyssa Biasi
Senior Tech Lead at The REA Group
Programmable Melbourne was a really interesting conference. Their commitment to diversity was executed really well and the speakers were just fantastic. The food was top notch too.
Alison Rosewarne
Executive Manager - Architecture at The REA Group
An amazing day at the Programmable conference yesterday! Listening to many engaging topics throughout the day, from AI helping customers lead healthier lives to exploring how to make the world of AI a more ethical place.
Henry Dolezal
Head Of Partnerships at NextEd Group
I had so much fun (and learnt so much) at the amazing Programmable software engineering conference... Top work to the speakers, organisers and event crew who made it such an interesting day. Met so many great engineers amongst the packed agenda.
Simon Aubury
Principal Data Engineer at Thoughtworks
Had an absolutely awesome time at Programmable last week - so many great talks, conversations and give-aways!
Selena Small
Head of Delivery at Fresho

2024 Presentation Partners




Academic Partners

Community Partners

Programmable 2023 was awesome!

tickets provided to those
impacted by redundancies
software engineers;
from students to CTO's
speakers across 5 tracks
(11 women & 10 men)
speakers provided a mentor
for their first conference


Olga Goloshchapova

Engineering Manager 
@ Zepto

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Mai Nguyen

Principal Engineer
@ Ferocia

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Shruti Kembhavi

Engineering Manager

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Ben Shi

Head of Engineering
@ Grow Inc

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Nelly Sattari

Engineering Manager
@ Atlassian

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Jovana Dunisijevic

Software Engineer

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Duncan Banks

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Managing Director
@ Ippon


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Team Mascot
@ Programmable

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